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Programs : Budget Sheet
The following listing represents the Summer Budget Sheet for Czech Republic: Prague Internships- Summer.

Summer Budget Sheet for Czech Republic: Prague Internships- Summer

Budget Item In State Out of State
Program Acceptance Fee *   $350.00 $350.00
Tuition 9 credits *   $2,502.00 $6,120.00
Program Differential *   $2,320.00 $5.00
College Fee *   $7.65 $7.65
Technology Fee *   $136.89 $136.89
SUNY International Health Insurance ($52.31 per month) *   $104.62 $104.62
Billable subtotal:  $5,421.16 $6,724.16
Total: $5,421.16 $6,724.16

Summer 2017

Please note that the above budget represents the cost for 9 Undergraduate Credit program. The below budget represents the cost of the 6 Credit Graduate program.
Budget Item Grad. In-State Grad. Out-of-State
Program Acceptance Fee* $350.00 $350.00
Tuition (6 graduate credits)* $2,718.00 $5,550.00
Program Differential* $1,576.00 $0.00
College Fee* $5.10 $5.10
Technology Fee* $90.78 $90.78
SUNY International Health Insurance ($43.95 per month)* $87.90 $87.90
Billable Subtotal: $4,827.78 $6,083.78
Total: $4,827.78 $6,083.78

*Cost of Program

The cost of this program includes tuition (9 Undergraduate Credits or 6 Graduate Credits), campus-specific fees (college fee and technology fee), SUNY International Health Insurance, pre-departure orientation materials, an on-site program and internship orientation program in Prague, shared housing, airport pickup for designated flight, internship placement & coordination, program management and emergency support, cultural exploration activities program, and Brockport's Study Abroad Office Services. 

If from another SUNY campus, please pay special attention to the Important Notes Section below, in regards to tuition and campus fees. 

Estimate of Additional Expenses Associated with Participation

Note: These estimated costs are in addition to the cost of the program above and the student will need to arrange and pay for these costs on their own. These amounts are only estimates and may increase or decrease due to exchange rate fluctuations and personal spending habits. 
Transportation to and from Prague $1,400-$1,700
Passport $135
Meals (comfortable budget - eating out occasionally, Starbucks occasionally) $1,000
Textbooks and Supplies $150
Miscellaneous Expenses (this includes entertainment, travel while in Prague, laundry, postage, etc.) $900


  • Tuition and Campus Fees are paid to the College at Brockport unless you are a student from another SUNY college. (Exception: SUNY Community Colleges- see below)
  • IMPORTANT - Out of state students from SUNY Albany, SUNY Binghampton, SUNY Buffalo and Stony Brook's tuition will be higher than noted above. Please check the rate for the out of state tuition directly with your home school.
  • Other SUNY students pay tuition and campus fees directly to their home SUNY Campus at their home SUNY tuition rate. Please check with your home SUNY campus regarding what campus fees you will be required to pay there.
  • All Non SUNY students and all Community College students (including SUNY Community Colleges/CUNY) will pay tuition and campus fees directly to Brockport at Brockport's rate stated on this budget sheet.
  • The College Fee and Technology Fee are subject to change without notice.
  • The SUNY International Health Insurance is mandatory and the charge will be included on your Brockport invoice.
  • Graduate Credit is extra.
  • The cost of this program is subject to change until April 15, 2017 depending on enrollment and market conditions (exchange rates, etc.)
* Billable item