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  • Locations: Dublin, Ireland
  • Program Terms: Summer
  • Budget Sheets: Summer
  • This program is currently not accepting applications.
Dates / Deadlines:

There are currently no active application cycles for this program.
Fact Sheet:
Fact Sheet:
Program Name: Ireland: Dublin Internships-Summer Country: Ireland
Program Type: Internship Region: Europe
Term: Summer City: Dublin
GPA Requirement: 2.5 Class: Sophomore, Junior or Senior
Language of Instruction: English Academic Fields Available: Arts and Performing Arts, Business and Management, Communications, Computer Science and Information Technology, Criminal Justice, Education, Health Sciences and Health Professions, Humanities, Internship, Language and Cultural Studies, Law, Social Sciences
Program Description:


About the Dublin Internships Summer Program

All College at Brockport full time internships in Dublin, Ireland are located in Central Dublin or its immediate suburbs, providing the opportunity to experience how the Irish live and work. Every placement location has its own opportunities to try new things and to create a network of international contacts.

The College at Brockport works with the largest independent internship provider in Europe, which places over 1,800 young people each year in a wide-range of professional practice situations in a variety of industry sectors. Placements are arranged by an experienced team working with each student on an individual basis. The placement team makes a considerable effort to match each student to an appropriate placement and to monitor the students throughout the semester.

Dublin has been at the center of Ireland's impressive economic growth over the last 10-15 years due to the Celtic Tiger phenomenon, making it an exciting city to work in. Historically, brewing is the industry most often associated with the city, but there are countless opportunities for internships in many types of businesses. A large number of global pharmaceutical, information and communications technology companies are located here, as well as the European headquarters for several major international corporations. Banking, finance and commerce are also important in Dublin. There are countless opportunities in Business, Economics, Law, Politics, Communications, Psychology, Social Policy, the Arts, and Hospitality, to name a few.

The Brockport Dublin Internship Program offers you the opportunity to:

  • Live and work in one of the world's most friendly, dynamic capitals,
  • Receive work experience in a company, organization, or agency affiliated with your area of study and interests,
  • Improve your writing and research skills,
  • Have total integration with other Irish counterparts.

Your experience on the Dublin Internship Program will:

  • Integrate you into Irish society,
  • Make you a better student and worker,
  • Expand your outlook on the world,
  • Build your self-esteem and self-confidence,
  • Greatly enhance your career prospects.

On the Brockport's Dublin Internship Program you will:

  • Live in the city of Dublin,
  • Receive a comprehensive on-site orientation that will maximize the benefits of your semester/year of study,
  • Enjoy the security of a complete package of academic and non-academic support services provided by Brockport.


Housing & Orientation

Participants will stay in a student apartment complex designed especially for student use. The fully furnished apartments consist of 4 single bedrooms with a shared kitchen and living area. All bedrooms have a private bathroom and include linens, pillows, and duvets. Students must bring their own towels. The kitchen is fully stocked with cutlery, crockery, cooking utensils, as well as an iron and ironing board and microwave. The common area has a TV access point, but students must rent their own television if they wish. There is a laundromat on-site, and nearby shops for essentials.

Students may be sharing their apartment with students from their own university, students from other EUSA programs, or students from schools in Europe and further a field. In general, the apartments are co-ed, but every effort will be made to provide single sex accommodation if there is sufficient demand. During the summer months, there may be some residents who stay for shorter periods of time who are not associated with a university program.

Rules are broadly similar to most US dormitories, including no smoking, no large gatherings after mid-night, and respect for fellow residents and neighbors of the complex. The complex is in a safe, quiet residential area, and has the additional safeguards of locked gates, and 24 hour security staff.

Social program:

There will be a basic social program that will be available to students during the course of the program. This may include a tour of the city and other optional excursions that will vary by season.


Fees for Brockport's Dublin Internship, Ireland Summer program:
Budget Sheet for the Summer 2020 Program 

$7,008.06 (Estimated Undergraduate Costs - 9 Credits)
$6,555.32 (Estimated Graduate Costs - 6 Credits)


  • Program Acceptance Fee
  • Tuition (9 Undergraduate Credits or 6 Graduate Credits)
  • Campus-Specific Fees (college fee and technology fee)**
  • SUNY International Health Insurance*
  • Pre-departure orientation materials
  • Onsite program and internship orientation in Dublin, Ireland
  • Airport Pick-up 
  • Accommodation in student residences
  • Internship placement and internship support services
  • On-site program management and emergency support
  • Cultural Exploration and Activities program, and
  • Brockport's Study Abroad Office Services.


  • Passport
  • Airfare to and from Dublin 
  • Meals
  • Personal Expenses
  • Local Travel

The actual amount that you will spend depends heavily on your style of living, and will vary with each individual's personal spending habits, entertainment preferences and travel choices.

Financial Aid applies towards tuition and fees
*The SUNY International Health Insurance is mandatory and will be included on the student's Brockport invoice. 
**Various depending on the SUNY campus at which the participant pays tuition.

The cost (and items included in the cost) as listed on the website are subject to change and should be considered estimates. Final budget sheets will be mailed to the student prior to departure and usually upon acceptance.

Live, Intern, and Learn Abroad Scholarship 

Each year, EUSA  awards $5,000 in scholarship funding to students participating in Spring, Summer, and Fall term programs. This scholarship supports EUSA’s initiative to encourage more students to study abroad.

Students are selected based on the following criteria:

  • undergraduate student enrolled at a EUSA partner university and participating in an established program
  • first-time study abroad participant
  • demonstrates financial need and/or is a member of a group underrepresented in study abroad
    • Diversity factors include but are not limited to:
      • Majors in underrepresented fields in study abroad
      • Diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds
      • Non-traditional students (older than 25, married students, and/or students with children)
      • U.S. military veterans
      • LGBTQIA
      • First generation students
      • Students with physical or intellectual disability
      • Community college or transfer student status
      • Student athletes
  • willingness and ability to share internship abroad experience through EUSA's social media 

Deadlines for scholarship applications remain the same each year:
April 15th for fall programs
October 15th for spring programs
February 1st for summer programs

To apply for the scholarship, you will need to submit the following:

  • A personal statement or video describing yourself and your motivation to apply for the scholarship
    • Written statement – 500 words or less
    • Video submission – 2 minutes or less
  • An academic reference
    • Include phone number and email address

You can apply for the scholarship, here.

If you have any questions about the scholarship or application process, please contact


Credits - Undergraduate Students will receive 9 Credits
                Graduate Students will receive 6 Credits


Interns will spend 8 weeks in Dublin. Participants in the program will be placed in businesses or non-profit organizations where they will be integrated into the workforce and perform tasks and projects assigned by supervisors and managers. Interns will normally work 8 hours per day for five days per week. Interns will also be required to follow the academic syllabus established for the course which will involve maintaining an attendance/activities log, submitting 1-2 page weekly journals on established topics and completing two, 5-page papers. These assignments will be submitted by email to the Instructor at Brockport.

Resume for Application

Students will need to submit their resume in the CV format.  CV stands for Curriculum Vitae (Latin for "course of life"). This term is used interchangeably with "resume" in Europe.  A CV can be up to 2-3 pages.  For more information and tips on how to put your resume into a CV format, please use the following example: CV Example.pdf

Internship Placements

From politics to the arts, placements are available for a broad spectrum of intellectually engaging internships based on your field of interest, internship goals, and skills. Here are just a few of the industries available in Dublin:

Media, Arts & Literature

  • newspapers/magazines, broadcast news (radio & TV), television production/development, film production/development, on-line news portals, publishers, literary journals, theaters, art galleries, museums, film festivals, dance companies, fashion

Business & Industry
  • financial services, consultancies, treasury departments, investment and pension funds, reinsurance, public relations agencies, advertising agencies, marketing agencies, human resources departments, IT & telecom, software development, retail hotels & tourism food & beverage producers

Law, Politics & Social Sciences
  • criminal & civil law, legal advice centers, political parties, European Parliament, think tanks, advocacy groups & NGOs

Healthcare, Psychology & Social Services
  • hospitals, research laboratories, occupational/physical therapy, neuropsychology, adolescent rehabilitation clinics, adult rehabilitation clinics, AIDS awareness, homeless shelters, refugee information services

  • adolescent outreach, educational consultants, adult education, educational policy organizations, research organizations, children's cultural centers

Entrepreneurship Program (coming summer 2020)

Have a great business idea? Turn your ideas into action next summer while completing an internships in Dublin, Ireland!

Entrepreneurship in Action (EIA)
is a six-week, experiential learning program embedded into Brockport's summer internship program in Dublin. It is focused on teaching the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and startup culture, in which you will learn to translate your business idea into a successful venture. 

What to Expect
EIA integrates with your full-time internships Monday- Thursday for the duration of your program and includes:
  • classes every Friday covering a wide range of current entrepreneurship topics
  • local guest speakers and field trips
  • the creation of your business model canvas
  • the opportunity to pitch your business idea to a panel of local experts
Students of all Academic disciplines are eligible to apply!

See more about the entrepreneurship program yourself!

Learn more about EUSA Academic Internships here!

View a list of the possible academic areas an internship could be offered through the Dublin Internship Program as well as all of Brockport's internships programs, here: Academic Subjects- Internship Programs.pdf

Internship Information 

What is the business etiquette like in Dublin?
In Ireland, businesses generally run in a slightly more casual manner, with more emphasis placed on individual initiative and motivation.  Students are generally given projects, with both short and long term goals, and are expected to work on their own initiative. This does NOT mean that students cannot ask for help – it simply means that the supervisors will assume students will ASK for help if they need it. They may not want to appear to be breathing down an intern's neck or handholding them through their placement. Supervisors NEVER complain about interns asking for work or for help.

What should students wear?
This question will be answered with much more detail once the exact internship is in place. It is tough to generalize on this because we have placements ranging from suits and ties to sandals and jeans. However, if a student is working in a business setting (i.e. an investment bank or law firm) they should bring at least one suit and several dress shirts and ties. "Smart" or "business" casual is usually the norm – which means neat shirts and blouses, khakis (no jeans), casual (but NOT athletic) shoes, etc. If a student has a professional outfit (a suit), they should bring it – to be prepared in the case of a more formal meeting or event. In addition, dressing well for the initial interview will show respect. A student will need to ask about the dress code if we haven't told them by the time they leave. Irish people will wear the same outfit more than once a week, so students don't need to have an extensive work wardrobe. Fashionistas may want to just pack a few basics and do some shopping in Ireland – it might be fun to experiment with Irish style.

What are the typical hours for an intern?
Again, this is a difficult question to generalize – a student will work whatever hours are asked of them, and this will be vastly different for different industries (an investment banker will work much longer hours than a school teacher, for example). These hours are non-negotiable and will be expected by the employer and the placement office.

Will students have one particular supervisor at their placement?
The Placement Team will make every effort to make sure students know who their direct supervisor will be. This is usually ONE person who will be responsible for the intern for the entire duration of the placement. This is the person the student will go to when they need help, have concerns, or simply need a new assignment. This person may not be the Office Manager and in fact, may be in a junior position him/herself. Students may find that they are not far off in age to their direct supervisor – this is common – Dublin is a young city! Also, a student may find that their supervisor may change as their job description evolves.

Students should, however, see themselves as working for the entire organization If they find that they have free time, they should offer to help even the more junior staffers. They'll appreciate the offer and may be able to return the favor by inviting students to interesting meetings or asking for their input on their projects.

If a student has a problem with their direct supervisor, it is perfectly acceptable to speak to their direct supervisor to get their concerns addressed. However, it is advisable to speak to a member of the Placement Team before a student does so as we may be able to provide assistance or another point of contact in the company.

How far can students expect to commute?
Shanowen Square is located approximately 3 miles from Dublin city centre, across from the campus of Dublin City University in the Glasnevin/Santry neighborhood. Although Dublin is a small city, it has terrible traffic and a public transportation system that is still trying to catch up to massive population growth. Shanowen Square is well served by public transportation with a number of buses running frequently to the city center, as well as connection services to the DAR commuter train service. Although it is a 15 minute bus ride to the city center, during rush hour it is not unusual for a commute to take at least an hour each way. A taxi costs approximately 13 Euros. Students will definitely be able to "whinge" (complain) like a native Dub after a few days – everyone is in the same boat (or bus or train or tram!)

When do students find out their placements?
Typically, students are placed 2-4 weeks before their departure dates. In some cases, students will receive their placement inside of two weeks before they depart. In rare instances, students will receive their placement just after arrival to Dublin.

Student Highlight



Megan Embury
Brockport 17' 
Communication major and Rec. & Leisure minor
Placement: Xena Productions
Internship title: Event Planning Intern

 "My study abroad experience in Ireland was the best time of my life. I learned a lot about myself and how to be more independent. I absolutely loved the culture, the people and the experiences I gained from my internship and the travels I was able to do. 


Summer 2020 (est): May 25- July 18

Important note: Please do not book your travel arrangements until you have received the official Travel Memo from your program advisor. 

This program is currently not accepting applications.