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China: Beijing- Summer
Beijing, China (Outgoing Program)
Program Terms:
Program Terms: Summer
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Summer 2018 03/02/2018
Rolling Admission 06/09/2018 08/11/2018
Summer 2019 03/01/2019 ** Rolling Admission 06/15/2019 08/11/2019

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Program Name: China: Beijing Summer Country: China
Program Type: Full-time Study, Language Immersion Region: Asia
Term: Summer City: Beijing
GPA Requirement: 3.2 Academic Fields Available: Engineering, Interdisciplinary/ Open to all majors, Internship, Language and Cultural Studies
Program Description:
Program Description:



About the Beijing Summer Program

Brockport's summer program in Beijing is a unique program offering students a chose to be immersed in Chinese language, or others may chose to study courses such as Engineering in this city setting. Along with living in Beijing, students will travel to some places for first experiences of traditional Chinese culture. 

BeijingGreat Wall of China

Housing & Orientation


On campus dorms:
Peking University has double occupancy dorms for foreign students that are equipped with private bath, air conditioning, TV, internet access, and telephone. The majority of students live in on campus housing.

Off campus hotel:
This option is about a five to ten minute walk from the hotel to campus. The facilities are exactly the same as on campus dorms. In case, on campus dorms are full, the program will contract with the hotel to house students. 

Off campus apartments:
Off campus apartments are available on a limited basis and are subject to approval. They are located in Chinese residential neighborhoods with air conditioning, TV, internet access, telephone, bath, plus a kitchen. It is about 30 minutes in distance (2 bus stops) to campus. The big advantage is that students live amongst and interact with Chinese citizens, a great way to understand  culture and improve language skills.

Homestay is available for immersion Chinese students who desire to mix with Chinese families upon request.

*Note: For immersion students, there will be a Chinese roommate for all off-campus apartments, who will take care of facility issues and to make sure students are speaking Chinese only or answering language related questions.


The following activities are organized with the participation of Chinese students in Beijing. The purpose is to increase interactions between American and Chinese College students. The weekend excursions include:

  • The Great Wall
  • Forbidden City and Tian'anmen Square
  • Summer Palace
  • 798 Art Zone
  • Lama Temple, a unique place inside the city of Beijing that reflects Tibetan Buddhism

There is also a study trip included:

  • Pingyao: A well-preserved ancient Chinese town in Shanxi Province. Recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage site, the city offers a journey to the past amidst its old streets and houses with their unique NOrth China architecture, its temples, its shops and its banks that were considered to be the oldest in China.


Fees for Brockport's Beijing, China Summer 2017 Programs:

Undergraduate Summer Program Costs:
$7,015.74 (Estimated 8-Credit Language Immersion Cost)
$7,031.72 (Estimated 9-Credit Engineering Program Cost)

  • Tuition
  • SUNY International Health Insurance*
  • Various Campus-Specific Fees (college fees, technology fee, etc.)**
  • Program Acceptance Fee
  • Pre-Departure Orientation Materials
  • On-Site Orientation program in China
  • Housing
  • Excursions
  • Program Related In-Country Travel
  • Brockport's Study Abroad Office Services

Does Not Include:
  • Transportation to and from Beijing, China
  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Meals
  • Miscellaneous Expenses

The actual amount that you will spend depends heavily on your style of living, and will vary with each individual's personal spending habits, entertainment preferences and travel choices.

Financial aid applies towards fees.

*The SUNY International Health Insurance is mandatory and will be included on the student' Brockport invoice.
**Varies depending on the SUNY campus at which the participant pays tuition.


Open to all, the summer studies program is created so students can choose among four other courses: Chinese Cinema, Chinese Culture, China in Transformation and Electrical Engineering as well as various extra curriculum activities.

Humanities & Engineering 

Chinese Cinema as Cultural Translation (3 credits)
China experienced great social and economic transformations in the past 30 years. As people's ways of life change, so do their values and attitudes. This course studies group of selected narrative films produced in the last two decades as tests of self-presentation in which the Chinese reinvent themselves as well as their past. These films that depict modern Chinese experiences-including colonial experience and global diaspora-are also to be looked at as attempts on the part of the directions to negotiate prevailing and countervailing cultural values. 

Insights into Chinese Culture (3 credits)
This course offers a kaleidoscopic view of the foundations of Chinese culture. It encompasses both the Great Tradition as in intellectual discourses and the Little Tradition as in the folk traditions of life. It is organized as a topical approach to various facets of Chinese society and culture wherever possible, the clash of accommodations of tradition with modernity will be discussed, analyzed and debaed. Students are required to read all the materials and actively participate in class activities. 

Introduction to Electrical Engineering (3 credits)
Introduction to the fundamental principles underlying electrical and electronic components and devices, and their applications in various circuits and systems.Topics include the electrical and magnetic properties of electrical components; analysis of both DC and AC passive linear circuits; semiconductor devices; analysis of active nonlinear circuits, including elementary transistor amplifiers and operational amplifiers; and simple electronic circuit.

China in Transformation (3 credits)

 course analyzes the transformation of China from a traditional type of society to a modern nation. The dynamics of history will be analyzed by focusing on two major themes, nationalism and communism. Major events in the past such as the Taiping Rebellion, the May Four Movement, and the Communist victory will be selectively and emphatically explored.
Chinese Language (3 credits)
Chinese language classes are designed for students who desire to learn Chinese part time while taking other area studies courses. A minimum of 9 hours per week is required. The average class size is under 10 students. Except the absence of language pledge,  the instructional methodologies and contents are the same as Chinese immersion program. Students will be placed into the suitable level according to their placement test grades. 

Language Immersion

The purpose of the summer immersion program is drastically improve Chinese proficiency and to master various language skills     within a short period of time. Students will earn 8 credits and will have a placement test upon arrival so that they will be placed into a class suitable for their levels. The immersion track is at all levels.

View a list of the possible academic subjects offered by the Beijing Summer Program as well as all of Brockport's university programs in Asia, here: Academic Subjects- Programs in Africa and Asia.pdf

Student Testimonials

"China is unlike anything you'd expect. The program is phenomenal, the people are unforgettable, and the experience is priceless. My travels and studies in China have provided limitless possibilities in my personal, spiritual and academic life. It has been my cradle, and I could never regret it."

-Heather Benson



"I was always skeptical about reading other people's testimonials and as an ABC (American Born Chinese), I never had a desire to go to China. But in these last few months abroad, my entire perception of China as a whole has changed. From the economic growth, sheer population size and technological advancements, it is vivid why China is considered one of the most powerful countries."- Kevin Zhang


Summer 2019 (estimated): June 15, 2019 - August 11, 2019

Important note: Please do not book your travel arrangements until you have received the official Travel Memo from your program adviser. 

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