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Resources for Returning Students

Returning Home After Your Experience Abroad

Welcome back! We hope your experience brought you growth, personally and academically, and enrichment. We can't wait to hear all your stories and see your photos and videos that capture your biggest journey!

Now that you've returned home, it is important to continue sharing your stories, inspiring your peers to go abroad and sharing what you learned to your home community. It's also important to recognize your transition home and how you've been impacted – was it from meeting new people with different customs and perspectives? Did you experience new things you may like (or dislike)? Discover new traits and personalities about yourself? Perhaps you've come to view the world differently. While this can lead to some disorientation and frustration for returnees, it is important to recognize that this is common – and much like when you first arrived in your host country, you’ll need some time to adjust. Following are some resources to help you better understand the re-entry process and some tips to help ease the transition back home.

What is Re-entry?

Re-entry can be defined as the often unexpected and sometime difficult experience of re-adjusting to life in one’s home culture after living abroad. Some study abroad returnees do not find re-entry to be difficult; however, most returnees experience some degree of stress upon returning home. In fact, for many students the process of re-adapting to home after study abroad is even more difficult than adjusting to the host culture! Re-entry is different for everyone, just as your experience abroad was unique and special. 

How you react to "reverse culture shock" may be different from your friend you met abroad. Everyone handle's adjustment differently, and can experience reverse culture shock at different times. Here are a few ways that could help you with re-entry:
  • Talk with people who've been in your position: study abroad alumni, international education professionals, individuals you've met while abroad
  • Share your story: Starting a blog or keeping a personal journal will allow you to express your feelings and thoughts to help keep your experience alive 
  • Continue becoming a better global leader: Seek out situations in which international experiences and perspectives are appreciated by volunteering or interning, just to name a few.


Click on the links below to learn about resources to help with your transition back home and make the most of your experience, even after it's over. 
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Handling Reverse Culture Shock/Marketing Your Experience

​Going Abroad Again

Get Involved

  • Become a Global Ambassador: Want and on campus job and get paid sharing your experience with the Brockport campus? Contact the Center for Global Education and Engagement to see if positions for applying to be a Global Ambassador are available
  • Volunteer: The Center for Global Education and Engagement is always looking for volunteers to speak with prospective students at fairs, open house or over a cup of coffee. Contact the Center for Global Education and Engagement for volunteer opportunities
  • Professional Development: Did you write a research paper or complete a research project while abroad? Ask your academic advisor about sharing it at Brockport's Scholar's Day or the Diversity Conference during the spring semester


Check back soon for a calendar of workshops designed for returning students hosted by the Center For Global Education and Engagement.